Office Strip Outs & De-fit Melbourne

We perform office strip outs and de-fits Melbourne.


Office strip outs and de-fits of industrial and commercial properties.

Our highly trained office strip out Melbourne crew can de-fits or strip out any construction before eliminating the waste, give us a call for more info.

Commercial strip out Melbourne

At 1Call, we know that there’s more to commercial strip out than just demolition. In the commercial strip out industry, it’s crucial to work carefully and diligently, and we guarantee you can trust our skilled professionals for the job.

As part of office strip out services, we carefully remove all of the office equipment and dispose of it properly. Over the past decade, we’ve stripped out offices for a wide range of clients without delay or any consequential damages, call us now to get the job done ASAP.

Commercial Office Strip Out

Regardless of the layout or size of your commercial space, our professionals have the skills to carry out the most challenging of commercial construction strip outs.

We use the latest specialised equipment on commercial offices strip outs to eliminate any potential risk and work with industries ranging from retail to industrial and hospitality to public services, call us now for more info.

Looking for the Best Commercial Office Strip Out Melbourne? Trust 1Call Rubbish Removal

When considering an office strip out Melbourne businesses need to consider a multitude of factors. Moving offices is no simple thing. According to optimal networks you need to take into account:

How large is your business? – Taking into account desk, equipment and cabling required.

What is the condition of the new place? Will you be requiring a fit-out & how far will you go with this. Project Partner state the need for optimum style to suit your brand without impeding on functionality.

How much of the move is outsourced? Will you be using your own staff or a removal service?

Your equipment: Are you using this as an opportunity to downgrade.

However, an important thing to take into account is whether or not you are happy with the new location or what you are leaving behind. This is where the de-fit service of 1call removal is useful.

As the leading office strip out Melbourne services, we recognise the difficulties of de fitting a space. This is why we connect you to a team of experienced, qualified removers, all ready to fulfil your needs and deliver fast results.


Strip Outs & De-fits Melbourne

Leo K.

“Been using 1Call for a while now and they never fail to do a great job. I get a phone call before they arrive and the guys are always presentable, polite and helpful. Will never hire a skip again!”

Deborah C.

Surprisingly affordable. Should have had my shed cleaned out a long time ago. Would highly recommend”

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“Four hours after my phone call, the guys from 1Call had cleared out my investment property. No doubt the best service out there.”

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