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Do you have waste that is too large to be disposed of through regular rubbish disposal? Then you need a hard waste collection service. Large and bulky rubbish can be a terrible eyesore as well as a real hassle to get rid of. Luckily, we are able to help. Opting for a reliable rubbish collection service like 1Call Rubbish Removal is the best option to get the job done professionally.

We have been providing full-service rubbish removal to the residents of Melbourne for over a decade and have helped countless people get rid of their bulky, hard rubbish. It just takes 1Call to get quality rubbish removal today.

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Benefits of Quality Hard Rubbish Removal Service in Melbourne

Collecting and managing waste with a reliable hard rubbish collection service will not only benefit the homeowner but also everyone who lives in the house. From the more relaxed way, you’ll carry yourself when you don’t have to experience piles of mess on a daily basis to the money you’ll save when you don’t need to spend your budget on renting bins. Not to mention, you won’t need to waste your precious time just to declutter all of the old rubbish inside the garage. Call us now to get the job done ASAP.

Hard Rubbish and Full-Service Collection FAQs

What categorised as hard rubbish?

Hard rubbish is any type of bulky waste that is too large to be disposed of in regular council bins. Many household items which are used frequently in our daily activities can fall into this category. Some examples include fridges, washing machines, couches, cupboards, wardrobes, televisions, furniture, computers, mattresses, and similar items. Other types of waste like building materials and green waste can also be considered bulky if they can’t be disposed of by regular means.

How much does it cost for a hard rubbish collection service?

At 1Call Rubbish Removal, we pride ourselves on being one of the cheapest rubbish collection service providers in Melbourne, but we maintain the high-quality and professional work ethic that you’d expect from a more premium price. In fact, we offer free on-site quotes for all rubbish removal collection service projects, all-inclusive that come with no obligations. Contact us for more info at 1300557772.

What does a full-service rubbish removal entail?

Basically, we go to your place, collect all of the rubbish and take it in our truck to the local recycling centre or landfill. So, when you use us, you will just sit back and relax while all of the rubbish will be well taken care of, call us now. 

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Who is 1Call Rubbish Removal?

As quoted by our owner Errol Elma, “customer satisfaction is our top priority”. We believe that rubbish removal isn’t something that should cost a lot of time, energy or money. Therefore, as a full-service rubbish removal company that has been providing high-quality services throughout Melbourne for over a decade to the residents of Melbourne, you are the priority. Call us now for more info about our services.

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As the leading provider of hard rubbish removal service in Melbourne, we prioritise your valuable time over ours. This is why we offer a flexible removal service that can be organised for a time that best suits you. The option for a free, on-site, no-obligation quote will always be available and if you accept, we can start removing all of the large and bulky rubbish from your home immediately. Feel free to call us directly for more information or to schedule a visit.

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“Been using 1Call for a while now and they never fail to do a great job. I get a phone call before they arrive and the guys are always presentable, polite and helpful. Will never hire a skip again!”

Deborah C.

“Surprisingly affordable. Should have had my shed cleaned out a long time ago. Would highly recommend”

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“Four hours after my phone call, the guys from 1Call had cleared out my investment property. No doubt the best service out there.”

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