Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

The Cheapest Way to Remove Garden Waste

Whether you are cleaning up your yard at home or undertaking a professional landscaping project, garden waste removal can be a chore. There are many methods of garden rubbish removal, but the best rubbish removal service in Fitzroy is 1Call Rubbish Removal. When it comes to garden waste removal, we are your local experts.

There are other ways to get rid of your garden rubbish, but not everyone has the time or equipment to get the job done effectively. Here are some green waste removal methods you can consider:

Taking The Green Waste To The Tip Yourself

Waste transfer stations and landfills now have dedicated green waste sections where this waste can be properly mulched and recycled. It is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your garden waste, but it can take up a lot of time in your day – especially if there are multiple bins or trailer loads to take to the dump.

You also have to pay the expenses of taking each load to the tip and fuel costs on top of your time. For busy Melbourne residents, landscapers, gardeners and mowing services, there often aren’t enough hours in the day. It is far more cost and time-effective to have the professionals come and collect the green waste for you.

Create Your Own Composting and Mulching System

This is a fantastic way to dispose of green waste that is friendly to the environment. All of the green materials composted or mulched can be used to fertilise and protect your gardens so you can use the circle of life to keep your yard looking amazing. However, not everyone has the time or resources to conduct these operations, especially landscapers and lawnmowing services that are on the move all day.

In these cases, hiring the services of 1Call Rubbish Removal can ensure that your garden waste ends up being properly disposed of without simply being dumped at a landfill. That way, others can enjoy the compost and mulch for their yards and gardens.

Hire Rubbish Removal Services For Your Green Waste

You should hire professionals for rubbish removal if you have large amounts of garden waste to dispose of. Waste removal is the most effective and easiest way to eliminate large amounts of garden materials. Our team at 1Call Rubbish Removal provides commercial rubbish removal in Melbourne.

When you contact us, we will do the rest. Our waste management specialists will be there on the same day or as soon as you request. You can also ensure that your waste is properly disposed of by hiring our garden waste removal services.

Rather than sending your garden waste to a landfill, we will take it to the nearest recycling depot. Best of all, our rubbish removal services are extremely affordable. For more information, please read our FAQ or call on 1300 557 772, we will be more than happy to cater to your needs and provide the best customer service.