Trust 1Call for Heavy Safe Removals in Melbourne


Call Rubbish Removal is a company that offers various removal services throughout Melbourne. What makes us unique, however, is that we have the skill and equipment to safely move heavy safes as well as rubbish, garden waste, and office junk.

Our switchboard movers can ensure that even particularly heavy items can be secured and transported without risk of causing damage to the surrounding area. We can also provide heavy safe removals in the Melbourne region outside regular business hours, to make sure that there are fewer bystanders present and improve safety during the move.

Why you Should Trust 1Call Rubbish Removal

We provide a safe and effective way to safely remove your safe.

We use specialised equipment to remove your safe safely.

We can operate outside standard business hours to suit your convenience.

We can dispose, transfer or store your safe for you.

Situations, where you need to move your safe securely from one place to another, can be challenging, particularly when the safe happens to be heavy. Even disposing of a safe can be difficult, since you have to pick it up and move it without causing damage to nearby areas. Fortunately, you can arrange for heavy safe removals in the Melbourne area when you contact a removal company with the proper equipment to transport them safely.

Removing your safe is important, whether you’re looking for a responsible way to rid yourself of it or simply want to move it to another place. Contact 1Call Rubbish Removal today and ask about our heavy safe removals in Melbourne.